Malibu Beach

Our client from LA purchased this property in Malibu in order to have an escape from the busy city life. The result was a comfortable and beautiful surf retreat for everyone to enjoy together.

Bay Island

For this particular project, the client desired a rustic and organic feel; however, considering the house was on the waterfront of Bay Island in Newport Beach, we wanted to infuse a coastal vibe, as well.


One of our clients who has a second home in Northern California – on a property surrounded by vineyards, was so pleased with how we designed her Newport Beach house that she asked us to design this home as well. We were so excited to tackle this project, especially because the home had great architecture to begin with and a picture-perfect view.

Court Home

This project was a complete renovation for a local family’s beach house. The primary goal was to incorporate more storage throughout their home, with emphasis placed on more simplistic design. Our clients did not want the project to scream “beach house”, but they also wanted to include coastal whites and blues.

Cliff Drive

We’re proud to say that this modern farmhouse was featured in the Newport Harbor Home Tour.

Dover Shores

Newport Heights

Plantero Home

Naples, Florida

Malibu Beach House

Rancho Palos Verdes